Ideal Food for your Pet

What comes to our mind when we think of “What should be the ideal food for a pet or especially dogs”? They have sharp and pointed teeth just like all carnivores animals have. They also have a short gastrointestinal tract that is meant and suited for digesting meat. But dogs have managed to digest both meat and non-meat stuff and live on a variety of other foods too.

So one should never compromise with the quality of dog’s food. As they also need proper nutrition and balanced meal that helps in giving them energy by fuelling their body. This also should be taken into consideration that, diets that can lead to certain disorders in dogs should be avoided. So, the ideal dog food should be rich in protein and as well as in natural fats and oils. It must have lower content in carbohydrates, ultimately enriched with vitamins and minerals also free from any colour, preservative, or any flavouring agent.

All the dog foods that are there on the market are made with animal grade ingredients, and they are available in 2 different types that are a dry form or a wet canned form. This dry food has up to 10 percent moisture present in it, and that canned food contains 60 percent moisture. Out of them, most pet owners prefer dry food as they are more convenient to feed and to handle and also are less expensive.

As some animals do not drink much water or are reluctant to drink, so as already mentioned the wet or canned food is high in moisture as compared to dry food. So, canned food is, therefore, a good source of hydration. This food is a good choice when the pet is ill and cannot smell or have the lack of appetite. So, wet food will assure that the pet is getting all proteins, vitamins and minerals. This is also good for dogs with missing teeth. This has its drawbacks like, once opened it lost all the shelf life and had to be kept covered, it is less economical than dry food. These food are sterile as they are cooked during canning. They are also rich in protein as well as in fat content. This can also be added to some protein gels to make artificial meaty chunks which just tastes and look like real meat.

Dry food is the most convenient food as it is not difficult to store and feed, and pets can eat it without spoilage.

While feeding the dogs, certain points should always be taken into consideration. Choose only human grade raw meat as some of bone products or some meat products contains preservatives that can cause some detrimental effects on the dog’s health. Also, make sure that the bones should be raw. The bones of raw limb, or of chicken has benefits including keeping the teeth and gums healthy, but too many of them also causes constipation. Also, avoid feeding cooked bones and large marrow bones. Never feed coffee, or any caffeine products, grapes, raisins, small pieces of raw bones, cooked bones, and fish on a daily basis.

Some good companies of dog food are Natural Balance, Blue, Merrick.

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