Top 8 Dog Breeds You Will Love to Buy

We all like to pet some animal as they are considered the best companion of human being and mostly we pet dogs, cats, rats, fish, parrots, and all others because they are considered our best friends. Mostly dog lovers want to pet cute looking, small sweet dogs as they are adorable and hard to ignore and most important they are fun to be with.

Here are the top 8 dog breeds you will love to buy:

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire is also known as Yorkie and has been a pet breed since 19th century as they are very good at catching rats and used to keep rats away from the cloth mills. They are a small breed which will be your best buddy on a tour and has an adorable personality. Owners can play dress-up with them whole day long as they are also known to be the fashionable dogs. They grow maximum to 7 pounds but some rare yorkies can grow up to 15pounds as well.


This little pup is also known as continental toy spaniel and this name was inspired by their beautiful butterfly-shaped ears which make them look stunning. Papillons are small in size but are one of the best watches dogs who are sweet but very alert and are protective towards their masters. Their lively but calm personality makes them most friendly with kids and elders.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This sweet little dog has made It to the 18th rank of the most adorable purest breed of dogs. Cavalier are known to be very elegant and attractive and loves to cuddle and show his affection towards his master and family. They are most popular in the United States and have their original origin there too. The average lifespan of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is under 10 years. They are good with both humans and other animals and are very caring towards their family.

Boston Terrier

This is one of the loyal dogs that people like to have as these are very adaptable and love all including cats, elder, children, and other animals. They can make you laugh and be too good as a friend. These vivid creatures are known to be very intelligent and quick learners. Boston terrier has an average life of 11 to 15 years.

Shih Tzu

This eye-catching, vibrant dog can bring a smile on your face with just his looks. Shih’s origin is still unknown but many hypotheses have been done and the most popular of them is that it originally belongs to Tibet but has been brought up in china. This dog is a great companion for older people and elder kids. It is not easy to maintain his cuteness and requires daily grooming to look cute.

Bichon Fries

This super furry guy is not considered the toy type indeed is one of the non-sporting dogs but loves to play and be affectionate to his owner. This small white ball of cuteness and fur is friendly and has a showy personality.


A dog that is full of energy and will keep you busy. Pomeranian is cute fur-ball who is an easy learner and is very intelligent. He does not have a good way with children but extremely adaptable and very friendly and calm with cats.


This fluffy white fur creature requires daily brushing and will shower his love on his owner. He gets very attached to the person he lives with or stay with for a long time; this also can lead him to separation anxiety when left alone for a long time. He is an active dog who loves to play and have fun with his other furry companions.

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