Types of Dogs: The Three Most Popular

Ever wondered why there are so many kinds of phones when the sole purpose is communication? Why do some have 13 megapixel cameras while for some camera don’t even exist? Well it is because different people have different needs. Some afford IPhones for luxury while some still use the phones capable enough to stay connected with the loved ones. So it has nothing to do with dogs other than the fact that like mobile phones, even a dog needs to be chosen based on his requirement to your lifestyle.

If you expect to buy a dog you like and live happily ever after then it is something that will not happen. With different dogs come different responsibilities. It is important to know what dog suits your lifestyle or you should be capable enough to adjust yourself to the dog’s lifestyle. Only then can you live a happy and peaceful life with your dog. Being with a wrong dog when you forget to feed him can be as dangerous as a wife you promised to go out dinner with and forget. Thus, you should make your decisions wisely when it comes to dogs.

There are different types of dogs that suits in different roles and environment. The following are the most popular types of dogs we often see:

  1. The house pets

These dogs are the one with great temperament thus suits the most in the family. They easily get adjusted to the house environment and are usually no harm to the members. They follow their trademark feature of being loyal and act as a beautiful companion. For some, a company is all that matters but not for all. This category includes Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle, etc.

  1. The Guards

These types of dogs are loyal and intelligent. They usually stand to protect your family and guard your house. Guard dogs are aggressive but if trained properly they could be a right choice as a house pet. When you have a German shepherd, Pit bull, Dalmatians or Schnauzers in your house, you need not worry about strangers troubling you as these dogs will be there for your rescue.

  1. The Hunters

If you choose them to be your house pets, you are probably making the wrong choice. This types of dogs usually needs constant exercise and they do not feel comfortable in four walls. If you still force them, they lose their temper and then you are in danger. They can be trained but it should be from the early age. The owner needs to understand their behavior and give them space or they can be destructive. They are great for outdoor adventures and farms. This category includes American foxhound, Labrador retriever, Pointer, etc.

Dogs have variety of features that includes stress relief. Playing with a dog, having a long walk, swimming or cuddling around them is a part of it from years before dogs have been faithful to us and from years now they will continue to be.


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